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A web & mobile platform to train your fitness clients online

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Create & Send Workouts Online

Quickly and easily build advanced programs to share with clients online or on their mobile devices.

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Track & Communicate Using Mobile

Trainers and clients are able to record workouts, message, and leave workout notes through the mobile apps.

Advanced Client Management

Manage clients efficiently with tools to quickly create, enroll, group and message multiple clients.

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Stephanie Caraballo

"It is nearly impossible to juggle your maximum potential as a professional coach and all of the responsibilities that come along with online training. StrengthPortal eliminated all my tedious side work and allowed me to engage in what I LOVE."

Jc deen
JC Deen

"StrengthPortal is perfect for me as a trainer. It allows me to build my clients' programs in an easy manner, and provides them a great UI to track with. They record their training, I monitor via the dashboard, all is well in my coaching world."

Andrew mcgunagle
Andrew McGunagle

"This is the most well-designed and functional organizational and tracking software available to trainers. Quit wasting time with paperwork, files, and spreadsheets, and start using the tool that is specifically designed to meet your needs."

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